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Mind Overwritten: Kayleth Is Imaginatrix's Hypnotised Body Writing Fucktoy

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Are you here from Mesmerotic's video- did you enjoy seeing me be hypnotised into a horny mess under the hypnotic power of Imaginatrix's pen and rope bindings ?

In this part you can see Trix take advantage of me tied up, hypnotised to all the words she instilled in my brain, making me horny and desperate to be fucked.

Watch me beg for Trix's strap on cock as she then uses my mouth making me gag, fucks my tits and my cunt to her whim while I'll moan and drool pathetically and desperately. Trix is kind enough to let me cum multiple times because of course once isn't enough for a hypnotised horny piece of free use meat!

want to see more of Imagnatrix? Check out mesmerotic on here or visit www.hypnohedonista.com

if you haven't seen part one yet you can find that here :https://apclips.com/mesmerotic/mind-overwritten-kayleth-bound-and-hypnotised-by-bodywriting-into-imaginatrix-s-fucktoy


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