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duration 10:55
Clit Rubbing With My Lesbian Roomie video from Catpaws
Clit Rubbing With My Lesbian Roomie by Catpaws Here's one for the gals! In this clip, the viewer is assumed to be a girl who's never "been with" a girl before. One day you hear mysterious noises in your apartment, and discover your cute roommate's door wide open... and so are her legs. OMG, she's masturbating to porn! She must've thought you weren't home! When she notices that you've caught her, she's startled but excited... and since you don't look away, she invites you in to join her. Once you're up close, you can see she's watching lesbian porn (censored for copyright reasons) - you knew she liked girls, but not this much. She questions you about your history with girls, casually rubbing her hairy pussy, and you don't know whether to look at the screen or at her. Soon enough you're both fully nude, rubbing your clits together like it's no big deal. Normally you'd think this is weird, but she can't stop smiling and laughing, so she's clearly enjoying herself... and you. Even though there's porn playing she can't stop looking at you and commenting on how the room smells with both of you getting increasingly sweaty while completely nude. She wants you to cum with her, but cums first (oops!), and keeps going when she sees you're close to cumming too. At the end she collapses into ecstatic giggles, thrilled to have gotten this far with her hot roommate! Dialogue includes the words "titties", "pussy", and "clit", with dirty talk using words like "pervert" and "slut" in a positive way! (Filmed on my Pixel 3A!) (Originally a custom video!)
duration 23:43
Meredith & DD R'Moan - Real Couple - Our First Consensual **** Scene - Struggle & Clothes-Tearing, Bound Wrists, Forced Orgasms & Face-Fucking, Squirting, Multiple Positions - Part 1 of 4 video from MeredithTourmaline
Meredith & DD R'Moan - Real Couple - Our First Consensual **** Scene - Struggle & Clothes-Tearing, Bound Wrists, Forced Orgasms & Face-Fucking, Squirting, Multiple Positions - Part 1 of 4 by MeredithTourmaline DD R'Moan and I get into some sexy trouble and roleplay together. I'm late for my job interview at the library, but DD won't let me leave. He wants to posses me. As I step toward the door, all dressed up in my brand new fuchsia blouse and grey wool pleated skirt, he grabs ahold of me and circumvents my escape. He pushes me back into bed, forces my boots off my feet, and starts ripping my clothes.

I don't just let it happen. I put up a fight. I beg him to let me leave. I can't be late. But he doesn't listen. He lifts my skirt and rips my black lace tights, revealing rose-pink lace underwear, which he pulls aside to finger-fuck me. It's tempting to stay - I don't want to admit how good this feels. I've got other things to do.

I struggle some more.

And then he unbuckles his belt.

I know what's next. As he lowers his tight jeans, old and faded and soft, I kiss his hard cock through his underwear, hoping to placate him. If I do this, will he let me go? My hot pink lipstick stains his underwear, his stomach, his thighs.

I'm a brat. When he removes his underwear, revealing his hard cock, I refuse. I reach for my mug of morning coffee and stare him down as I take long, slow sips. I make him wait. I frustrate him. I thwart his attempts to intimidate me.

But he splashes my coffee in my face and forces his dick down my throat anyway. He straddles me, weight on my chest, and face-fucks me, shoving his cock quicker and quicker. He chokes me, spanks me, pulls my hair. He tears my clothes some more, as I still refuse to take them off for him. He uses the cuffs of my torn-up blouse to bind my wrists.

And though I don't want to be here, he forces me to come.

I'll never make it to my interview at the library on time. I'll probably never make it at all. I am grouchy and petulant.

I've lost so much.

He fucks me in multiple positions. Sometimes I struggle, sometimes I give in. After all, it feels good. I don't want to admit it, but it does.

I moan in aggravated pleasure. DD makes me spread my legs for the camera, makes me squirt.

When will he let me leave?
duration 13:32
Exposing The Shy Hairy Intern video from Catpaws
Exposing The Shy Hairy Intern by Catpaws Two coworkers are brought closer together thanks to an unexpected spill! In this video you play a nondescript office worker, assigned to help set up an office party alongside the coworker you've secretly been interested in. She's shy and awkward, and it's not long until she's nervously fidgeting around you - and abruptly she spills soda all over her blouse. Horrified, she begins to panic, but you step in to assist with her clothes in a small bathroom that nobody in the building really uses. She wipes the blouse with a paper towel, but it's clearly not helping, and you suggest that she remove her clothes so they dry faster. Her face pales, but she ultimately agrees. She strips slowly, squirming under your gaze, nervously chatting to try to diffuse the tension. As she removes her clothing, the sophisticated persona she so carefully constructed for office life falls away. Her hairy armpits and jiggly stomach are exposed, and she's even more humiliated when her underwear is revealed - a frumpy bra and silly granny panties! She tries to cover herself once the underwear are gone, but there's only so much you can do with two hands and all that ass. You do your best to reassure her that her body is completely normal, but her discomfort reaches a fever pitch. In all her fidgeting she turns too quickly and trips, taking you both down... and you open your eyes to find her huge ass in your face, her hairy asshole pointed directly at you! She's horrified to the core, but when you continue to reassure her and even admit you find her hot, she realizes you're telling the truth and grows to trust you. She grows more comfortable with you and willingly spreading her ass for you and squeezing her belly. By the time you return with a spare outfit for her, she's relatively comfortable with you seeing her nude body, and you even exchange a sweet moment, having cross the boundary from coworkers to intimate acquaintances. :)
duration 7:58
SLUT FOR YOUNG COCK TABOO AGEPLAY Custom video from Cassandra May
SLUT FOR YOUNG COCK TABOO AGEPLAY Custom by Cassandra May You're on a random video calling site, when all of a sudden you get a call request from an older woman! She's very nice and pretty, and thanks you before asking how old you are. You tell her your age, and she immediately becomes more interested. She asks you if you're alone, and tells you to go into your room before revealing her secret- she's a pervy older woman who loves to be naked in front of younger boys! She makes you promise not to tell her secret to your 'step-parents' or anyone else; before starting to tease you by undressing and playing with her tits, telling you she loves it when younger boys suck on her nipples! She then shows off her pussy and asshole, showing you how wet she is just from you watching her, promising to let you play with both once you two finally meet each other. She's such a slut for boy cock, and begs you to show her yours, praising how sexy it is when you take it out. She's so turned on at this point she starts playing with her hairy older woman pussy, instructing you to stroke your virgin little dick as she masturbates and makes herself cum. She makes you promise again not to tell anyone about this, and tells you all the ways she wants to play with your young virgin boy cock when you see each other; before saying goodbye and ending the call. This is a custom video. Want your own? Email or DM me! This is a fantasy video. This video features taboo fetish content. Everyone involved in this content is at least 18 years of age, and no actual youth are featured or depicted. Again, heavy warning for intense taboo roleplay themes at the request at the custom video buyer.
duration 20:27
Party In Tatters video from BlackxRose92
Party In Tatters by BlackxRose92 Rose Black is just about dressed and ready for a fancy party but she's struggling to pull her tailored dress on. The zipper is stuck and won't zip up even though it fit so well at the last fitting. Rose struggles and then finally calls BJx Black for help. She's accidentally smeared her lipstick on the dress in her failure to get zipped up.

BJx attempts to pull the zipper closed, but it's no use. It won't budge at all, and the stubborn lipstick stain has already set into the delicate silk fabric, staining the ivory dress. He accidentally knocks Rose onto the couch when he notices a massive tear in one of her lace top nylon thigh highs. It's so badly torn that he just rips it right off! It makes delightful shredding sounds and relieves some of the tension from Rose's too small party dress. Rose doesn't want mismatched stockings, so BJx rips the second one! Now both thigh highs are ripped to shreds and hang like soft, fuzzy webs around Rose's feet until he pulls off her high heels and rips the nylons completely off.

BJx is frustrated at the clothing situation and didn't want to attend the party anyways, so he decides to rip Rose's dress to match her pantyhose. She argues not to, it's such an expensive dress! She paid a few hundred dollars for it and doesn't want to see the silk ruined even though it's stained from her bright red lipstick. BJx had no idea the dress cost so much money and just rips it! He's not happy about her being too chubby for a very pricey dress and modifies it to make himself feel better. He starts ripping anywhere he can.

Rose is shocked, a little upset, embarrassed at first by being suddenly naked, but really enjoys the sound of the ripping fabric. BJx gets more vicious with his tears, yanking pieces and shreds to expose Rose more and more. He likes the sight of Rose's naked body through the tattered gown and pulls the silk until it tears noisily, sometimes pulling it slowly to draw out the pleasant sound, eliciting moans from Rose as he does. BJx takes pleasure in ripping Rose's dress, thigh highs, and Victoria's Secret panties until she's naked and completely exposed. He rips her party outfit until she's naked and at his mercy. With no clothes left at all, Rose and BJx are stuck at home for the evening. BJx likes the sight of Rose naked much better than in the too small dress, and all of the clothes ripping gave him a power boner that needs to be used.

He tells Rose he has a much better plan for how they can spend their night. Rose kneels next to the scraps of silk dress and uses her mouth to pleasure BJx. His power boner is throbbing hard and easily slides down her throat. Rose wraps her soft red lips around his cock and sucks it eagerly. She deep throats until she slobbers and trails spit down her lipsticked mouth. Rose sucks his cock until he shoots a massive load of cum all over her tongue and tits. BJx shoots multiple streams of jizz all over Rose, covering her tits. She laughs and tastes some, then uses the ruined silk dress to wipe up the sticky ejaculate. They laugh in the shared pleasure of turning the expensive silk dress into a useless cum rag.
duration 13:01
A Magic Necklace Linked To My Clit video from Catpaws
A Magic Necklace Linked To My Clit by Catpaws I wondered why the old witch at the magic shop was hesitant to sell me this necklace... now I know... and I could really get addicted to this! The pendant is enchanted to bring great pleasure to its owner - it's psychically linked to my clit, so I feel everything that the pendant feels. That means I can pinch, lick, and suck my own clit! But I have to be quiet so nobody knows I bought this... Touching it is enough to make me squirm, and I spend some time stroking the pendant like a little cock. When it hits my tongue the pleasure is electric, and my eyes roll back as I thrust my hips mindlessly. I flick my tongue over the pendant, sucking and lapping, giving into the the intensity of masturbating with my own tongue. I can't keep my fingers off my pussy, as my body jerks as I orgasm silently, but it feels soooo good that I can't stop! I can only mindlessly suck myself off as I rub, and my mind goes completely blank. I cum again, hard, and my body jerks and spasms, but I can't stop. "If my clit feels this good in my own mouth, then what would it feel like if I...?" -- I remove the necklace and slowly, carefully, slide the pendant into my hot sticky pussy. The gooey warm sensation encloses around my entire clit - it's so intense that my eyes roll back and my eyelids flutter, and I cum one last time fucking myself with my own clit. I'm still in a daze after I cum, and my hips thrust by themselves, hesitant to let the pleasure end - but my exhaustion wins, and I clean the pendant off with my tongue one last time before resting, drained and satisfied.

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