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Double Hypnotist- Bimbo Control

photo of KaylethKayleth

21:56 | Added 2 years ago

CW: gaslighting type themes (contradicting instructions and insults when failing to follow)

-see part one here! - https://apclips.com/mesmerotic/double-the-hypnotists-twice-the-bimbo-two-hypnotists-turn-sub-into-their-drooling-suck-slut

In this video Trix and Sinister deepen that bimbo head space before giving me all sorts of confusing and conflicting instructions on how to sit, strip and feel! Of course I must be humiliated for not being able to follow all the instructions! This builds into being made to use a vibrator with out my hands, and begging to be fucked with a dildo by Trix while Sinister has a dildo as far down my throat as possible as all good bimbos should have all their holes filled! I'm finally allowed a strong orgasm after being edged in my humiliation!

tags: panty gag , panties in mouth , humiliation , mesmerism , double top , bdsm , leather , bimbo , degradation , gaslighting , edging , edged, doxy , g/g


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