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Legendary 38K-Viewer Webcam Show video from Adulting
Legendary 38K-Viewer Webcam Show by Adulting Legend has it that Sophie had an epic fourteen-hour webcam show on February 20th, 2021, that peaked at thirty eight thousand simultaneous viewers. If you missed this legendary event, or saw it and wish to relive the glory, fear not! Sophie's pussy is extremely creamy this show; all of the cream in this video is Sophie's natural body fluid. She starts by showing you her cervix inside her vagina with a speculum, and then using a vibrator on her clit to show you her orgasm with the speculum keeping her open. She discovers her cervix moves! And then that she can control the movement! She has a lot of fun sucking her cervix in deeply and then pushing it out towards the camera. Next, Sophie shows you the inside of her pink, wet pussy with an endoscope, before cumming while fans vibrate her pink bluetooth-controlled toy and bluetooth clitoris wand while you watch inside of her pussy through a clear tunnel as her white cream bubbles up! She moans and begs for your cum. Her face expresses her pleasure. After many, many orgasms (and over eight hours of masturbating) Sophie puts the speculum back inside her very tight pussy and shows you how swollen she is! She giggles and enjoys showing you her new-found skill of moving her cervix. This lovely show has been edited down from over **** hours to one and a half hours, however, it still maintains an intimate webcam show feel, including some of the funny, fascinated, excited, explorative, and interactive moments. Keywords:Endoscope,Giggling,GYNO Fetish,Pigtails,Pussy Gaping,Sex Ed,Smile,Speculum,Talking,Webcam Recording Category:Extreme Close-Ups, GFE

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