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Your Submissive Student

ROLE PLAY SOLO CUSTOM VID USING THE NAME CRAIG A COUPLE OF TIMES. You, a college student, have been subtly and subliminally brainwashed to be your professors toy over the past few semesters. Now that your subliminal training has kicked in, you go to your new master to give yourself to him. (Wearing a schoolgirl outfit with your choice of lingerie underneath). You start by declaring your need to serve/please/be used by him, and proceed with a strip tease to show off for him. Once in your lingerie you get to down to give him a blowjob, making sure to talk dirty often. After this you let him take you in doggy for a time, before laying on your back and spreading your legs wide for him. He takes you in this position for awhile, and you play with your chest/suck your thumb/talk dirty while he fucks you. Once he's close you drop back to your knees and suck him off to completion, letting him finish on your chest. End the video with 1-3 minutes of you playing with the cum on your chest and telling him how happy you are to be his new pet. (Dirty talk throughout, some ass shaking during the strip tease, and call him Professor Craig at the start until you switch over to calling him master/sir).


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