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ANAL Bratty girl gets taught a lesson

This bratty little girl needs to be taught a lesson and who would be better at teaching her a lesson than her daddy? She is really bratty and argumentative and never listens to her mom. Her dad comes up to her room and tells her she needs to start behaving, he starts to take off his belt and she tells him she's too old to be spanked and gets his dick out. She is a little turned on but tries to hide it and tells him she will be a good girl from now on, but he says she needs to learn her lesson! He shoves his cock down her throat to make her gag on it, he flips her over and makes her pull down her leggings and tells her he is going to fuck her ass! It really hurts and she moans and cries out for him to stop but he doesn't stop until he fills his little girls ass with cum, she promises to always be a good girl from now on!


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