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Michell's DSL video from Jason King
Michell's DSL by Jason King Michelle Peters is going door to door trying to sell people DSL. She gets to my house and starts asking me what type of internet I have. I invite her in and grab her from behind. I drag her into the other room where I chain her up tightly. I have Michelle laying on the ground with her hands and feet locked together in leather cuffs. She has another leather cuff locking her upper legs together. A collar is secured around her neck and locked to one of of a spreader bar which runs through her upper leg cuff and is locked to her ankles cuffs at the other end. This keeps Michelle completely immobile so I can play with her. Finally a ball gag planted in her mouth keeps me from hearing any more of her annoying sales pitches. I leave her alone to struggle briefly before coming in to play with my new toy Michelle. I grope her body all over while talking to her about all the fun we're going to have. She can't move at all to fend me off, but her constant whimpering through her gag whenever I mention all the sex we're going to have is getting annoying. This girl really doesn't want to get laid. I finally have enough of her whining and offer her a deal. She wanted me to try her dsl, well she can put her dick-sucking-lips to work and suck me off if she doesn't want to get fucked. She objects at first, but when I start removing her pants so I can stick it in she finally agrees to blow me. Michelle then finds herself kneeling on the floor with her hands and feet still locked in leather cuffs only this time with short chains between them giving her some freedom of movement so she can do her job on my cock. Michelle really works at this blowjob for a long time before making me pop. I capture quite a few nice camera angles of Michelle as she's hard at work licking and sucking. As time goes by I start reminding her of our deal, she needs to suck me off if she doesn't want to get taken into the other room and chained down to my bed for some fun. She really doesn't want that and redoubles her efforts to make me pop while begging my dick to cum for her. When I'm finally ready I stand up and grab Michelle by the hair so I can hold her head firmly against my body while I cum deep in her mouth. She struggles against this but it's too late, by the time she reacts I've blown my load deep into her mouth.

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