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Mom Catches Me Fucking Bro's Weird Cock video from Delphoxi
Mom Catches Me Fucking Bro's Weird Cock by Delphoxi Brother barges into my room uninvited so I start making fun of him by calling him a little dick! He tells me I'm wrong and I tell him to prove it! Brother pulls out his cock and I'm suddenly . . . . mesmerized by it! I'm suddenly so turned on by the size and the sight of it! It's huge, and it's not even human! I don't understand what has come over me but I instantly take brother's cock in to my mouth and start licking and sucking his huge but weird and sexy cock! it's like something has totally taken control of me! I can't stop it! I start taking off my clothes when suddenly....I feel normal again! I'm shocked and disgusted that I have stripped for my brother have have been sucking his weird looking cock!! I'm appalled and tell him to LEAVE! Brother looks upset by my request and suddenly jumps on me and starts fucking me!! I can't believe he's fucking me!!!! I bitch and tell him to get off me but I'm quickly distracted again by some feeling telling me to enjoy this weird looking cock, even if it is my brother's, IT FEELS SO GOOD!!! I can't control myself anymore and beg brother to fuck me and cum in me!! Get me pregnant brother!! And don't stop fucking me no matter what!!!!! I'm enjoying having hot sexy with my brother and his weird looking cock when suddenly OUR MOTHER BARGES IN!! Clearly no one knocks anymore !!!! She's shocked and starts yelling at me! Calling me a slut!! All while my brother still pounds away at my pussy until it's overflowing with cum and our mother has witnessed the entire thing !!!!

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