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Father in Law Strikes Again video from Lexxi Blakk
Father in Law Strikes Again by Lexxi Blakk (Sequel to: Fucked and Used by Father in Law) Lexxi’s husband is away again for work and she’s decided to have some fun, before her “friend” gets there she hears a knock on the door. Confused, she answers it. “What the hell are you doing here?” She asks as she opens the door to her father in law “ I told you after what happened last time you’re no longer welcome here” her father in law apologizes saying he heard from his son that we were short on rent. He shows her the money and admits to faking his sle ep walking episode. Lex is not surprised how could you be asle ep during such an intense fuck? it’s impossible. Her father in law says he’s willing to help with rent as long as he can have another night with Lexxi she’s sighs “just because I sle ep with other guys it doesn’t justify what you did “ she reluctantly lets him inside and tells him to put the rent on the table “I know you’re helping us out but this is still fucked up, you’re my father in law” Lexxi now sitting on the bed is ready to get this over with. “ I mean I will give it to you, that cock was pretty big “ she shyly giggles and asks him to take it out. Lexxis father in law pulls out his huge hard cock, she’s ready to earn her rent. He fucks her throat hard making her gag before pushing her on her back and stuffing it in her pussy “ do you like fucking your sons wife while he’s away?” She exclaims while being filled with cock. He fucks her faster before pulling out and making her taste her own pussy. He continues face fucking her rough until he blasts one of the biggest loads she’s seen all over her face. “Jesus Christ” she says smiling covered in cum

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