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The Family Plan

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DESCRIPTION: It's prom night and I just broke up with my boyfriend. Why? Because I am in love with my own dad. I want dad to take me to prom. I want dad to knock me up on prom night in the same way he knocked up mom during prom night to create me. I have a plan.. A family plan. I imagine dad breeding me to create a son. Once he comes of age he will take the place of dad. I also imagine dad giving me another daughter.. so once she is of age she can take my place and make love to her father who is my father. We will be the perfect enmeshed family. A taboo family. A family created with daddy's love seed.

***All actors and characters depicted are 18+ ***

***This Video is shot in an intimate up-close POV Style w/No Dildo***

TAGS:POV, POV Sex, Dirty Talking, Taboo, Kink, Family, Cream pie, Facial, Mind Fuck, Brother x Sister

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