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Fuck No Nut November, Fuck Your Step Daughter

It's hard to get used to the new dynamics in our house ever since my step-father moved in. We all have to make sacrifices in order to have a more intimate relationship between each other so.. I decided to wear what I normally would when I want to be comfy around the house with my step-father around. I go to sit with my step-father and watch whatever he is watching. He notices instantly I am in my panties. It shouldn't feel inappropriate now that he is my step-father but, I know he is sweating.. I put my legs on top of him to get more comfortable only to find he has a boner. I know he likes what he sees. I tell him I know he likes what he sees and you know how I know for sure? I've seen his laptop history.. I know he loves daddy x daughter porn. I have noticed lately he hasn't been watching porn though.. Like, at all.. He is participating in no-nut November.. Fuck no-nut November.. it won't be cheating if I do all the work by sucking your cock.. It wont be cheating if you were to just.. slowly slip your cock into my pussy. Whatever you do though.. just make sure you don't bust!

***All actors and characters depicted are 18+***

TAGS: Teen (18+), Barely Legal, Daddy x Daughter, Daddy's Girl, Daddy Roleplay, POV, POV Sex, Dirty Talking, Taboo, Kink, Family, Cream pie, No-Nut November, doggy

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