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Bully Bitch Body Switch

Oh my god.. OH MY GOD! Why am I in this weirdos body?? Where is my hot tits?? Where is my hot body?! Instead I am in this freak's body.. And what is even more freaky is how horny this bitch is.. She has toys all over her bed and her pussy is constantly wet.. It's probably because she can't get any from a real person.. And she is too busy staring at me all day because she is attracted to a chick that she will never have a chance with! I need to figure out how to get back in my body.. Ugh! But her pussy is so wet!! Maybe I can indulge in these toys for just a bit.. Not one- Not two- but THREE orgasms?! Why do I like being in her body so much?? Oh no!! Her dad!! He heard me!! Fuck.. Don't look!! Am I cumming without daddy?? Ew! What? Please don't take the dildo!! You'll show me what a real cock feels like?? What the fuck?! What kind of fucked up family is this?? You are sick!! Get off!!

***All actors and characters depicted are 18+***

CONTAINS: Teen (18+), Barely Legal, Transformation Fetish, Transformation Fantasy, Daddy x Daughter, Daddy's Girl, Daddy Roleplay, POV, POV Sex, Dirty Talking, Taboo, Kink, Family, Cream pie, Doggy, Solo Masturbation, Missionary

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