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Boyfriend Calls me While we Fuck

I've been desperate for your cock all week. We've had to wait awhile since my boyfriend has been getting suspicious of me. I keep telling him all I do all day long is work from home and when I do go out I just go to the store.. He is so frustrating sometimes. He just gets in the way of me enjoying your large cock. Enough talking about him.. Let me show you the new lingerie I got! You'll love the panties.. Especially when you fuck me while they are on the ground. My new lingerie is so colorful it will even match my large, purple, jewel plug! We have to hurry though.. Before my boyfriend gets home early again.. I haven't even done anal with my boyfriend..I feel like his cock is too small for it to feel good. Howver, your cock is amazing for it. As I shove that large plug into my tiny ass; I show off that asshole by pushing the plug in and out; in and out. It feels so good in I need my other hole filled too! We start to fuck and get really into it but then... That's when my phone starts to ring.. Oh fuck.. It's my boyfriend...


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