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Im not gonna moooo

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Proud and prudish girl is so sure that she’d never ever moo for anyone. It’s demeaning and degrading, dehumanizing even! Even if you try to distract her with your fluttering fingers and fill her mind with thoughts of how good it might feel to let out a little moooo, she would never give into something so ridiculous and silly. No you’ll never get her to mmmooo even though it feels oh so good. There’s no way that in mere minutes you’d have her bent over, wearing cow print, milking her udders with no thoughts in her silly head except mmmooooooo. There’s just no way.

This is filmed in a semi-POV style! I talk as if there’s someone I’m resisting against behind the camera who is trying to drop me and make me moo.

some degrading language used: heifer, breeder, stupid animal, dumb cow


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